The emotional value of the product told by Arneg furnitures and the economist Daniele Tirelli.

Springs into action the fourth thrilling day of Euroshop 2017 in the sign of sharing and making group. And it is precisely the Arneg Group, immortalized in a picture that highlights all the women and men who contribute every day in making it grow with great enthusiasm and energy, to be the protagonist of the early morning in the Sharing Avenue.

An Avenue of the Share where there is still a lot to discover. So let’s start walking, immersing ourselves in the continuous flow of people coming in to find out the other surprises that this endless stand has in store for us. The eye is immediately attracted from "Saltinbocca carni e salumi” (Saltinbocca meat and deli) where, nibbling fried dumplings with meat, beef burger, Chianti tuna and pig with tuna sauce, we take the artisan knowledge of the butcher and the excellence of its productions. All this thanks to Arneg’s displaying art that put in place furniture like total vision showcases dedicated to the assisted sale of meat, characterized by panoramic views and frontal cabinets focusing the attention on specific products, a real glance on the excellence. All solutions that not only give great visibility to the product, but also optimize the emotional value.

Key value to help grow consumptions, as emphasized by the 5th speaker of the Future Store Forum, Daniele Tirelli, President of Retail Institute who, quoting precisely Arneg cabinets, appreciates their ability to stimulate the perception that necessarily involve consciousness and buying choices.

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