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      About us


      Who we are

      Oscartielle Est Europa, with a national experience of over 20 years, is the first producer of commercial refrigeration equipment in Romania.

      The company offers both mass produced equipment, as well as personalized solutions, adjuted to the needs and requests of the customers. All these are possible due to a constant process of technology and modernization. The production process is complete, from the design phase to the final testing of the equipment phase.

      The entrepreneurial philosophy of the company Oscartielle Este Europa consists in a complete satisfaction of the customer's needs, this being achieved through a continuous process of improvement, both at the internal resources level and also in the connections established with the suppliers.

      Oscartielle Est Europa assumes and declares its own social and environmental resposability, ensuring that the long term development is sustainable and reflects the values and the expectations of the employees, customers and, in general, of all the involved parties.

      Vision and ethical code

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      Research development

      Oscartielle Est Europa has invested and invests important resources in research and development.

      The company is making constant efforts in reducing the energy consumption and in optimizing the costs, as well as in developing its own style.

      Today Oscartielle Est Europa is continuing firmly and strongly its evolving path by studying new products, in line with the new tendencies. It pays a special attention to both the performances and the design of its products. These objectives are being reached both by modern technology, as well as by innovating materials and raw material.





      For us, the environmwental sustainability is a purpose in itself.

      We contribute to spreading and raising awarness of the environmental protection issues, by managing its activity in a eco-friendly way in terms of complying to the regulations in force.

      Oscartielle Est Europa is making efforts for minimizing the impact on the environment. The objectifs in terms of environment protection are :

      • Respecting the legal requirements in terms of environment.
      • Continuous improvement of the energetic performance.
      • Improving of the employees' perception over respecting the environment.
      • Reducing the energy consumption.
      • Reducing the quantity of waste and the unjustified consumption.
      • Working together with the suppliers in order to reduce the environment associated risks.



      The competitive force of the company is based on its high quality products, on its capacity for innovation and for development and especially on the attention paid to the requirements of the customers.

      The production flexibility allows for the complete satisfaction of a market which is rapidly changing and guarantees a fast and an efficient response to the needs of the customers, by reducing the delivery time.



      The synergy with the Arneg Group is being characterized by an intense exchange of components, products and technology. By having on its side such an avant-garde structure, important projects developed together with the companies from the group, these make Oscartielle a name with its unique and well-defined identity on the market.

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