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    Confronta Modelli
      Confronta Modelli


      We can guide the entire production process of  a sales store, because our brands cover all the requirements.

      We were among the first ones to dedicate themselves to the equipping of the retail segment and we never stopped experimenting, thus reaching a point where we can offer the widest range of equipment in the world.


      I brand - immagine 2 Arneg

      Are you looking for a complete sollution for your store's refrigeration? Arneg is the brand dedicated to you. The heart of the production is formed from refrigerated cabinets with an external unit and eco-lasting condensing unit. We are listening to you and we are taking care of the entire design process and the making of the sales store; we will always keep close to you with our assistance and environmental consulting services. You store will express best your personality, by offering the best in terms of performance. You won't have to worry about anything.


      Intrac is your favourite brand for store furnishing. Our offer varies from commercial shelves to cash registers, up to specific furniture designed for organized distribution and quick catering. We are observers of the evolution of the modern day commercial space : with us, you're always sure that you get the latest upgrade.

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      I brand  - Immagine 1 Incold
      I brand - immagine 2 Incold

      Incold is a true professional in terms of refrigerated rooms and thermal insulation doors. We project and make modular rooms, industrial isothermal panels, fast and sectional doors. We rely on highly trained professionals and on a deep knowledge of the market in order to guarantee the best preservation for your products.

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      If you are in the search for a compact and flexible sollution, Oscartielle is the brand you should chose. We specialize in the production of refrigerated cabinets with incorporated internal unit, but our strength lies in the ability to interpret the market's needs in an innovative way. This is how our refrigerated lockers and long and short term rental systems were born.

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      I brand - immagine 3 Oscartielle

      Frigo Tecnica Internazionale

      Centrale_Frigo Tecnica1-1

      If you need and integrated system for cold production and distribution in refrigerated rooms, warehouses, distribution centers and other application for the food industry, you can turn to our professionals from Frigo Tecnica Internazionale

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