The Future of the Supermarket is now

And it shows in the extraordinary enthusiasm with which the pulsating heart of the Future Food District was opened on 1st May, inside Expo Milano 2015. There’s more than 2,500 sq.m. of experimental space capable of generating new interactions between consumers, products and producers with technological innovation that makes life better, taking people right to the centre of the food supply chain, with an awareness of their purchasing choices.

This project, the only one of its kind in the world, came about from a collaboration between architect Carlo Ratti’s MIT Senseable City Lab and Coop Italia who chose Arneg, via INRES (The National Consortium of Design and Engineering Consultancy), to support development of their groundbreaking idea. This was another exciting challenge faced by the world’s leading commercial refrigeration company, and partner in top ranking projects of major mass retailers, which drew on its best reserves of expertise, fifty plus years of retail experience and the considerable drive for innovation which has always been its hallmark trait.

Today it is making its mark on the Supermarket of the Future, with slanted refrigerated islands, vertical units, rear service cabinets, totems and other made-to-measure cutting edge store fitting solutions for a brand-new purchasing experience where new food culture hinges on promotion of the product and its story, traceability, environmental sustainability and transparency. It’s a culture that Arneg wholly believes in, supporting its development for a new generation of intelligent consumers.

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