Düsseldorf - Germany 23-27 febbraio 2008

Arneg’s success at Euroshop 2008 is demonstrated both by the considerable number of visitors who flocked to our stand, with over 2600 m2 of display space, and by the interest that they showed in the technological solutions and the resulting products. Arneg appeared with all the companies in the group, offering proof of its unique status on the world market, presenting solutions, in a global package, to all Mass Retail expectations: remote-controlled and plug-in display cabinets, cold stores and refrigeration systems, with an essential design or reaching the highest degree of sophistication of CO2 systems, the maximum of energy efficiency available today, for the shelves of any retail outlet in the food/non-food sectors, complete with a wide range of check-outs.

The point of arrival in quality, always presented in Arneg’s original choreographic style, of a stand which this year made use of Italian art in its description of the rich tradition of “Flair & Flavour” taken from the history of the company’s regions and respective peoples. In this setting, cooks and chefs from all over the world produced delicacies that were unanimously voted a success by all the guests who honoured Arneg with their presence.

The innovations that the company specially wanted to focus on were “visual merchandising” and “energy saving”. Energy Saving was widely stressed in all its environmental implications with an original visual survey making use of new registered trade marks:‘BEENVIRONMENT’ and ‘BEENERGY’.

With regard to greenhouse gases and the global heating of the planet, the bee is an excellent sensor, its presence denoting a sufficient absence of carbon. Arneg’s most recent research in the sector of commercial refrigeration has been devoted to achieving this carbon neutrality, and the company has succeeded in manufacturing products with low energy consumption that are able to respect and safeguard the nature among which we live.

Energy saving was also graphically rendered as “trees planted”, that is as the number of kilos of CO2 that have been avoided: this message was clearly received by our visitors. Applied Energy Saving aroused everyone’s interest with the closure of multi-deck units and frozen food basins using glass doors, and with the replacement, in refrigerators, of traditional lamps with new technologies using leds.

The “reserved” area, with its R&D treasures, had many visitors: as well as being the stars of the show, the solutions and energy suggestions could of course be seen and experimented via direct WEB connections, applying the Energy Management System proposed by Arneg. This formidable tool allows the management and interactive control of cold systems but also, at the same time, of HVAC and lighting systems, achieving documented and proven savings that are of irreplaceable value when it is time to take strategic decisions in every modern company in the Mass Retail sector.

EUROSHOP 2008: Arneg was there. Arneg is here.