Between smoothies, natural good taste and a sea of people goes on the Euroshop adventure.

To recharge batteries during intense days such as those we are experiencing in the crowded Arneg stands, nothing could be better than enjoying a refreshing smoothie in the space called "L’Orto e il Frutteto” (The Veg and Fruit Garden) and whet your appetite with a light but tasty finger food in the next area "Bio-logic". Two places not to be missed, walking along the Sharing Avenue, to enjoy the freshness and good taste of natural products enhanced by technologically advanced and environmentally friendly solutions, characterized by a naturalistic design that emphasizes the materials communicating harmony, transparency, positive energy, balance between man and nature.

All thanks to the experience gained from Arneg in collaboration with major stores designed to promote the values of authenticity and healthy eating for better living. A winning mix, that between the organic and Arneg that, even on this occasion, proves the company accordance with the latest market trends and its sensitivity towards sustainable innovation that improves the quality of life.

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