An afternoon of festivities

An afternoon of festivities, memories and future plans in honour of Arneg’s memorable first 50 years

2nd December 2013 is an afternoon that will stay in the memory of the 700 people brought together by Arneg to celebrate the company’s anniversary, at 4 o’clock sharp in the new shipping department – 50 years of trading and half a century of success built upon innovation and sustainable development.

To mark the truly memorable anniversary, President Luigi Finco and Managing Director Roberto Marzaro thanked all those who had taken part in this extraordinary adventure, as staff, customers or suppliers, in a lively gathering with a sumptuous buffet, held at the company premises, in spaces used for work, and where men and women every day pour their energy into driving forward a common project based on shared values like work, personal dignity and intelligent, environmentally friendly development. In one word, improving quality of life. These values are the foundation of an ongoing, permanently evolving corporate philosophy.

In recognition of their contribution to the success of the company, Arneg presented its guests with the gift of a prestigious volume entitled ‘Courageous, Ethical And Plain Common Sense Dreaming’ which describes the milestones in the company’s history, from its origins up to current times, by means of evocative archive photographs and the touching witness accounts of those who experienced it all first hand, the men and women who have over the years contributed to its development, bringing in their professional know-how and enthusiasm, as part of one great big family.

A heartfelt chronicle, further brought to life by the documentary film produced to complete this company profile (in the form of a CD included with the book) projected without audio – so as not to ruin the surprise for its protagonists – on a large screen TV set up behind the guest speakers, so that the images on screen gave more impact and meaning to their words. This symbolic story also profiles an era, a geographical area and a system of values, gradually shifting from rural to industrial. It’s a fascinating reportage, deftly interweaving faces and words with memories and emotions, for posterity, and demonstrating how much personal and group input went into forming this rock-solid team in a thriving, vital company over fifty years.

With its customary sensitivity to the wellbeing of its staff and their families, Arneg welcomed the occasion to offer them a special surprise: a concrete sign of recognition of their professional and human contribution, and at the same time, an ethical gesture in an era of major economic and social transformations in which meeting people’s needs, and sharing and handling difficulties are, now more than ever, becoming basic values from which to start afresh.

With Christmas just around the corner, this important celebration became the occasion to reflect on 50 years, brimming with important events which represent both a point of arrival, and also a departure point for working alongside its staff in another half century of dreams, innovations and success.