Corporate Mission

Oscartielle is aware that its mission is full customer satisfaction, which can be achieved only through the "virtuos process" of continuous improvement involving both internal resources and relationships with the company's suppliers.

Design and Environment

Design accuracy, products ergonomics and innovative technical solutions research are the guidelines of Oscartielle production philosophy, always oriented towards the optimization of energetic resources for the benefit of our environment.

This approach is confirmed by the new models recently developed, which are the answer to a new and increasing market demand, related to display cabinets ensuring considerable energy consumption reduction and granting, at the same time, high performances from temperature point of view.


Oscartielle competitiveness is based upon high quality products, continuous innovation and research and, in particular, on the care to the customers’ needs.

Flexibility of production completely satisfies the trend of a fast changing market, and grants quick and effective replies to customers, with reduced delivery terms.

Product range

In the perspective of continuous evolution, Oscartielle has progressively enhanced the families of products traditionally oriented to the medium and large commercial activities, developing new solutions for round-corners and high quality level shops.

A further evolution of Oscartielle range is represented by the plug-in cabinets designed and personalised for the food & beverage industry.


Oscartielle has developed a wide range of personalised solutions to satisfy the increased variety of demands coming from a fast changing market.

Any solution is oriented to the specific customer’s need in terms of performances, aesthetic, ergonomics and location in the retail area, and developed keeping the maximum care to the details which are typical for each single product.

Such extraordinary versatility and flexibility are the key points which strongly identify Oscartielle in the market.